10k Channel Set Stackable


10k straight channel set stackable birthstone ring. One for every month.
Perfect to create a One-of-a-Kind Mother’s Ring

  • Garnet-January
  • Amethyst-February
  • Aquamarine-March
  • Diamond-April
  • Emerald-May
  • Imitation Alexandriate- June
  • Ruby- July
  • Peridot-August
  • Blue Sapphire-September
  • Pink Topaz-October
  • Pink Sapphire-October
  • Citrine-November
  • Blue Topaz-December
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Garnet-January, Amethyst-February, Aquamarine-March, Diamond-April, Emerald-May, Imitation Alexandriate- June, Ruby- July, Peridot-August, Blue Sapphire-September, Pink Topaz-October, Pink Sapphire-October, Citrine-November, Blue Topaz-December


White, Yellow, Rose